Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Continuing Story - work

A while ago my autistic son applied for disability benefits because he's a classic autist and he can't live up to the regular requirements for schooling and work.

One doesn't get a benefit here for being diabled.
Society has a different means of dealing with the weaker in society than to care for them and grant them a stressless life.

All have to work at their own level, with the input of extra assistance which costs the country more than just taking care and providing them daily activities.

So after a check with a doctor who had more eyes for me and the social worker, suggesting that seeing us has been the sole joy in his life for years, we not have to see a work-expert.

As you know our son will be starting at a special daycare for disabled people, and we feel it's the only socialising he can deal with. So throwing him on the job market is not only unwanted, it's ridiculous.

The procedures have to be followed though, so before he gets his benefits (high enough not to die from hunger, low enough that he needs to stay at home) he needs to see a job-expert.

The guy called my sons father. But as he doesn't live here anymore he doesn't have access to the main agenda of our family.
He gave my phone number...I'm waiting for his call.

Nothing at all.



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