Monday, July 5, 2010

The Continuing Story - something new

His brothers, creating a future and living in it, are good examples for him.
They all have their own problems to deal with, their own limitations to ignore.
He has seen their struggles, but also the positive consequences of success, however small.

Last week he went to drink something at a place where people with special needs spend their days.
It's a rather small facility, wher daycare is possible, but where young people also have the chance to learn a profession or set their first steps into a professional future.

He tried a facility which was much larger and it didn't work out.
Too many people, too much noise.

This facility is smaller.

It's a small backery, shop and restaurant.

The person leading it resembles an old friend of mine so much that I still wonder of she's an older sister.
But which was more impressing was the way she got in contact with him, and listened.
He was made the expert of his own handicap and it gave him an enormous feeling of relief. No pressure from outside to make him behave in a way he can't. But someone asking what he needs to spend his time there in a good way.

His choice: baking bread.

So that's what he's going to do as soon as all the paperwork has been done and permission has been granted.

Sounds like a good new beginning.


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