Monday, July 19, 2010

The Continuing Story - disability? Work!!

Applying for a disability benefit for my son.. I wish I hadn't done it.

First we had to see a doctor, like my son hasn't been assessed over and over again.
Then we got an appointment for the... how shall we call it...workexpert.

I've said before, no matter how a person feels, he or she should work in this country.
Even when someone isn't able to make dinner after coming home and sleeps all the time until the next morning, there's no consideration at all.
We've grown from a caring country to a country that puts the use of people on top of everything else.

The excuse is that we have to pay for the elderly.
But it's forgotten that care and human interest should be put first.

I wouldn't mind caring for an elder person or couple next to my house.
I would volunteer to do so when a nice couple lived here. No problem.
But society would tell me I'm nuts to do it without payment.

My son has had a terrible experiences during schooltime and after it too.
You know the troubles we went through to get him on track again, the struggles to find a place to be.

We've found him a place at a backery. It's a mixed place: daycare and learning people some skills, which might result in a diploma of assistant breadbacker or something like that.

We've applied for the financial backup and it can come in anytime now.

Because the leaflet of the workexpert mentioned the cancellation of an assessment meeting I phoned and the woman agreed with me that no meeting was necessary, gave me some information (when you're not doing what we want you won't get the benefit) and she told me that my son would receive a disability benefit.

We were all very happy here.

Then the phone rang.

I was expecting a call from a friend, but it was the workexpert.
Her teamleader said that as my son has a normal intelligence and people of 18 can still develop they won't agree with him going to the place we want him to go, but they want to assess what he can do and make him do that.

I told her that he's come from far, that we've had a long and intensive struggle to get him as far, that he tried at the coffee factory and restaurant and that he couldn't cope there and that this is our final resort.

She wouldn't listen, so I referred er to my son's social worker.

I am soooo fed up with people who know it all better!!!!!!!!!!!!

They haven't even seen my son and they want to change his life completely and throw him in the deep.

Well, if they don't want to give him a disability benefit they should leave it that way.
This is not a third world country, this is The Netherlands.
A country I was proud of.
But I feel so very much ashamed.

Experiencing how people are treated nowadays... me oh my.. those people are kinder to dogs.

Let's get back to the facts.

The disability benefit for my son is not even enough to rent a place for himself.
When he's forced to be at a place where he's unhappy, overstimulated, where people don't understand him etc etc. I get the full load everyday when he comes home.
Not those people who know it best.

But they don't provide extra assistance for at home.
What happens outside work with people... that's not a matter of concern.

I hope our social worker can deal with that workexpert, otherwise I'll have to fight this extra fight too.


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