Monday, July 5, 2010

Collecting mugs

Collecting promotional pens has been a hobby for me for quite a while now.

It started with fountainpens, promotional and non-promotional ones, but when less fountainpens were used someone gave me other promotional writing materials and since then the collection has grown a lot.
I don't think I've got rare ones though.

That's different with my collection of promotional mugs.
It's isn't large, because I want exceptional ones. Either in form or decoration.
Because mugs aren't as easy to take home from a daytrip than a pen, the children didn't feel the need to add to the collection, so the mugs are all my choice and taste, except for a few which were given by friends.

I love the ones from an art exhibition. They're printed with a fragment of the art, with place and date, and as far as I know they're from a very limited collection.
I won't get rid of them, but maybe in the future, when the children are in financial need, they'll be of assistance.


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