Monday, July 19, 2010


My oldest son is an ICT specialist and he always advices his clients to use an online backup service apart from a backup which can be put in a safe.

Especially schools, but also people with files like photos, financial documents, scanned diplomas and such are dependent on a direct availability of their files.

We all know that hard drives fail, especially at a time you need them to work flawless.
When you've gone to the despair of having lost everything, you know exactly what I mean.
Without a proper back up, which can be read out under all circumstances, you'll lose important files which can never ever be replaced.
And even when they can be replaced... even in that case... it takes time, effort and often a lot of money to be able to use them again.

Online backup enables you to shift your attention from disaster to direct attention, because your files are available in almost no time.
You don't have to stop working, you just call for your files, and that's it.

There's a great choice in prizes, services, system compatibility and support. For a few dollars a month you can have unlimited storage.
So follow the advice of an expert: backup!


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