Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby left in a car during a heatwave

I can't believe people leave children and animals in cars during a heatwave.

The hot weather is unpleasant for everyone and when we use commom sense we can understand that children and animals have difficulties dealing with these temperatures too.

In fact they might even have less defense against the weather.

Cars, even in the shade, are boxes which heat up even further.
We all know that!

So why do people leave their kids in a car?

Yesterday a 1,5 year old baby was saved.
People saw it behave odd, turning strangely with the eyes, having difficulty breathing.
They tried to get into the car and by the time they managed to do so the child was already unconscious.

It improved fast in the fresh air, and then the mother arrived...from shopping.

Never, even have I done a thing like that.
At days like these my care was for my children. Did they drink enough, eat enough, feel well enough, stay in the shade etc etc.
Their rooms were kept free from bugs, their laundry as clean as possible.

I considered that normal.


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