Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 autistic kids too much?

What can I say?

We had another meeting with child protection services this morning.

I was told right in my face that even though I'd told them I could cope perfectly well with my autistic children and the girls they considered I didn't have enough attention for the two normal children.

So other people know better how I can cope and how my family copes with daily life than we ourselves.

Before the talk started we told them the school has invited them for a meeting, because the conclusions they're drawing from the reports from school are far too farfetched. And that most observations of the teacher are not done in knowledge and can't be used as a kind of diagnostics.

The look on their faces (3 of them) were undescribable.

Because they based everyting on the stupid statements of the teacher.
Stupid, because the guy doesn't know the girls and has never spoken with them about how they feel at school.

Yet he said my girl was afraid, depressed and whatever more.
And it's not true at all.

Whatever we said, it didn't make a difference.

Because of what the school stated my girls are prone for problems in development and thus the family needs supervision.

Which means that we're brought to court for being bad parents.

I can't believe this.
I trusted until the last moment that those women would see a good family for what it is.

Since when means having two autistic kids that a mother can't deal with more family members?

This is completely nuts and I wonder if a judge will accept this reasoning.
They haven't even tried to get a clear idea how a day at our family looks like.

And the fun is that one of the boys isn't officially diagnosed with autism, but with ADHD and not autism. But we'll keep that as an extra for the judge, so he can see how careful their investigation was.

The first two reports of the other organisation where not rewritten, but our comments were just added.
I wonder if they even cared there were corrections.
During the talk they told me I had 4 kids at home with autism. (wrong in the first reports)
But two left home and so I told them.
Then I was told it took time and energy too.

The girls had a talk with them too and they had the same experiences as we had.
They felt they didn't listen to them at all.

The whole issue has a large impact on the feelings of wellbeing of us.
But isn't that what they want?

We will work on it that their gloomy look on the matter won't become a selffulfilling prophecy.

Thank you for standing beside us in this matter.
It's completely nuts that parents who have brought 2 autistic boys to adulthood in a good way, suddenly can't deal with 1 autistic kid of 18 and an even older one with ADHD and fail to raise their normal girls.

Each day when the girls come home we have a long talk.
We discuss everything we want to discuss, including boys and everything else.
They're 14, and go to the cinema with a boyfriend, or play tennis or something else.
They don't mind kissing, because their boyfriends were not as interesting they feel the need.
Suddenly child protection thinks they need therapy, because their sexual development is delayed. They're not experimenting with sex yet.

This is child protection services.

I am flabbergasted! I bet you too!


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