Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why do people even think they can place themselves above others?

Another day.
Fresh rain was coming down in huge quantities when I left home for yet another appointment.
I was a bit afraid to fall asleep, because I've been studying a lot yesterday.
It was well worth it.

I reached the destination perfectly well, though.
... and was grilled about what people think is a mistake, but which isn't in buddhism.

Why do so many people feel the need to enforce their opinions on others?

The only result is that explaining to people and failing to do so, because they can't leave their frame of mind, makes me feel how different my way of dealing with life is.
Why am I able to accept the uniqueness of other beings, the authenticity of their experiences and trust their honesty, and so many others can't?

It's unbelievable that they even tell me I'm wrong accepting the illness of my child as illness, instead of stress because of the situation we're in.
I trust my daughter when she tells me that she doesn't feel stressed, and I trust my doctor when he tells me it's an abdominal virus.
And what to do with the other children in their group who have been ill with the same symptoms, and with their teacher who is ill right now?

Ofcourse I considered stress, that's why I asked her and took her to the doc.

Why do people even think they can place themselves above others?

Well, the appointment for tomorrow is cancelled for me and the father of the children (not for the kids).
So I took the opportunity to get some more flooring done, take a piece of furniture out and place the desk at another place.

I'm nearly ready putting things at their places again.

Elections tomorrow.


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