Monday, June 28, 2010

To the dentist, tomorrow

Two weeks ago two roots of a molar were extracted.
One completely, on partially.

It was a huge job and the dentist used a lot of force to get the second one out. But it wasn't enough.
He put stitches in and told me to use the painkillers.

I did.

It's two weeks ago now and I still need painkillers. Not as many as during the first week, but I can't sleep without them.

The wound hasn't healed well.
And everyone with a little knoeldge on the area, including the charlotte cosmetic dentist, would shake his head.

Some of the stitches have come out.
One didn't.
I think I'm going to use my embroidery scissors later this afternoon to get it out, because I can control what I do. The dentist will just pul at the stitch to lift it enought to get the scissors under it. Pulling it hurts badly, and creates a longlasting pain, so I'll take the honor myself.

The hole has shrunk a bit, but it's still deep.
He has cut through the gums/gingiva from one molar to another.
He folded it back and stitched it, but at one molar the stitch itself prevented it from healing, as it tore through the gum downward, and at the other side the gingiva came loose from the molar and is a loose flap. Which hurts when I'm eating, as food gets underneath it.

At the inner side of the jaw, in my mouth, a piece of the root can still be seen.
It hasn't been overgrown yet, and as it is as red as the berries outside, since this morning, I wouldn't be surprised when he either has a go at it, or prescribes an antibiotic.

I'm not looking forward to a visit to him, tomorrow.


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