Saturday, June 26, 2010

This afternoon in the shopping centre

This afternoon we popped to the shoppingcentre.
To be honest, it was mainly because one of the new shops has the most amazing airconditioner. The temperature outside was so high, that real cold running on our backs was the best feeling ever.

Ofcourse we were not the only ones with this idea, so it was crowded in the shop.
So many people had to pay, that the digital payment system broke down.

It was not the first time the that shopping centre, but it was the first time that a shop owner organised a special cue for credit card processing.
As we had a credit card somewhere in the dark depths of the shoppingbag, we took the cue and we had the card just in time, because that cue solved itself so fast that it took far less time than the usual digital payment.
The shopowner had a handheld device and processed our payment within a few seconds.

Because we were the last we stayed talking and he explained that it was the first time he used the device. Well, he'd better make it a regular payment system.


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