Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer weather

Yesterday the weather was amazing.

After the stress caused by the report (see last post), I decided that even though other people let me down, I wouldn't let ME down, and so we went to the shopping centre for some retail therapy (which was great as we needed things for the girls like notebooks and such) and we even caught a taste event with.... salmon.
Oh, it was so tasteful and we clearly enjoyed it so much that we were invited to take another piece. Great!!

The sun was burning a lot, but in the shopping centre the temperature was absolutely right.
When we came outside we didn't know how fast we could get to our bicycles and leave.
A warning was issued that it was the second high level of sunburn danger. Well, I could feel that!

At home my jaw hurt like hell again.
It's a week ago that the dentist tried to remove two roots and succeeded in removing one, and part of the other.
The hole left in my jaw is large and causes constant pain, even though I'm on painkillers.
So being late in taking them was not clever.

The girls were having dinner with a friend at their home.
By the time we had to fetch them the pain was bearable again and I enjoyed the ride past a lake and under huge trees, past the fields and in the soft breeze.

On our way back we saw a huge airballoon hanging half an hour at the same place.
In the higher airlevels there was no wind, it was announced yesterday and they were so right. LOL!
I wonder where they landed, maybe the one of the cityparks?


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