Monday, June 28, 2010

Stretch Marks

Isn't it strange that no one told me I would get stretch marks?

Do you know that not only pregnant women get stretch marks, but that loads of other people will get them too sometime in life?
Even men... while growing their beerbelly, exercising to get strong arms, for instance.
It can start already in adolescence.

It has to do with the growth of the body, and in women with hormonal changes which disrupt the production of collagen.

It's just one of the changes one has to undergo when growing older or producing the next generation.

My gram told me there was only one remedy: cocoa butter.

She bought it for me in a small pot at the pharmacy and told me I could use it to moisturise my lips too.
She got me hooked to lip care.

Right now you can find all sorts of cocoa butter stretch marks products in shops and online.
They're not as greasy as the products I used and sometimes other ingredients are added to make it penetrate into the skin faster and deeper.

Now it's summer season we all can do with a bit of help.


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