Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sick organisation

My friends and regular readers of this blog know that the child protection forces stepped in my family and started accusing us of bad parenting.

As we have the legal right to make changes in the report and have additions filed, I requested the report.

Not as it of use, as the report is long with the Child Care Investigation Bureau and already acted upon.
In fact they're ready with the investigation.

But as they take the conclusions of the first report as part of their own report, I had to ask the first one.

It arrived today.

I haven't read it all, but I'm all through the roof.

Let's say I think they're creating a basis for a court case and they're do it with lots of experience and an evil mind.

Let's view a few items.

My children are put down as my children, but they're not put down as full brothers and sisters, but as half brothers and sisters.
I have never ever slept with anyone but my husband, I'm furious.
I feel like DNA testing them all for parenthood, and I sure will suggest them to do that.

Another item is...I can hardly write it down without crying:
They want to accuse me of child abuse.

I feel so rotten, I can't tell.
I've never laid a finger on my children, I've always cared that I would never say anything that would lower their self esteem or anything else, and even though I can be mad at times, like anyone else, I never direct it to the children. In fact, when I'm mad I always clearly state why, and it's over in no time.

It turned out that the first investigator has been mailing my daughter, trying to manipulate her to go to the police and report us.

It really makes me sick.



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