Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A place to live - well, well, well... told you so!

a place to liveMy second son is doing well.

He enjoys living in his appartment, benefits from the special support, and is on his way to become a photographer.
In fact he's often asked for events, he works as one of the volunteer photographers of a paper, and he's an emergency photographer.

Last week he had a meeting at the school for individual education to evaluate the time he's studying there.

Not everything went the way it should be, mainly due to the many changes the school is going to.
They have moved nearer to his appartment, which is great, but there have been so many changes that he fell back on agreements.
And he takes them literally.

Fun thing is that I warned them almost two years ago, but the woman told me she knew everything about autism spectrum disorders, so I had her find out everything herself.
I can tell you, she bumped her nose so often, I'm amazed it's still sticking out.

When discussing matters my son suddenly asked her: "Have you found a reason, a cause for the problems we have?"
She replied that it was due to his taking things literally. She should be more precise in her instructions.

After a short silence she said: "Your mother said so with the intake. And she was right."

He brought muffins, chocolate ones, to celebrate this.

"Mom", he said, "I leaned back and said: well, well, well... she told you so!"

I don't know if that helped their relationship very much. LOL!


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