Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No empathy? Compassion?

Yesterday was the longest day, well, it sure was a busy day.

Because we're piling disappointment after disappointment about the school of the girls we decided it was time to move on.
Now is the best moment, because they're moving to different schoolkinds and levels.

So I contacted the school I value most and know best and it was told we should be fast with filling in the application papers. We would hear if there would be a place for them not before the last week of school and maybe even the first week of the vacation.
Well, we could live with that.

So we got the forms, and yesterday the girls brought them to the school.

There they heard there was no place for them and the forms were torn apart in front of their eyes.


What is it with people nowadays that they can't even take the feelings of other people into consideration?
Is there some radiation in the sky or pollution in the food which makes all empathy and compassion disappear?

Why don't people even care for the feelings of the girls?

They could have told me they wouldn't even consider placing them on friday, or they could have called me after saying thank you to the girls.

That behaviour wasn't in line with how I know that school, so I guess even there standards about behaviour are lowered.

Am I getting too old?

I hope I'll never get used to people behaving as inconsiderate as them.



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