Tuesday, June 15, 2010

another huge mistake

The meeting yesterday was very interesting.
Turned out the coordinator didn't recognise my daughter in the description either.
And he started to tell us it was a description of a moment, and such.
So I made clear it wasn't a fun thing, but a report about a child which can have very farreaching consequences and he got a bit pale.

He told us he would ask for a better description and send it to the organisations that are dealing with it.

Today we had a meeting at one of those organisations.
They took us, parents apart, and had a talk with each of us.

It was a good thing to talk with someone who didn't judge, even though there was nothing bad to talk about.

The matter is in their hands now, so we now have to wait for the result.

One very interesting thing popped up.
They thought we were members of a religious sect.

I was flabbergasted! Don't think buddhism is a sect. :)
Turned out it came from school.

So the person who so badly described my daughters also has some strange ideas about our religion.

I mailed the contactperson of school and suggested that maybe the school should retreat from being expert on information about our girls.

Tomorrow two deep roots of the broken molar will be extracted.
The dentist said it'll be a difficult job.
Well, I hope it's accomplished soon.


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