Friday, June 25, 2010

New bathrooms

The school of the girls is renovating and rebuilding.
It's inconvenient, because of the noise.
But now the weather is so outstanding the huge park near the school is the perfect place to have lessons "the african way". Under a tree, around the teacher.

Today I had a look at all the works at school.

They were rebuilding a classroom. New walls. Everything.

At another part of the school the old toilets had been removed, and Toto toilets were installed. New tiles were brought in just when I had a peek and I have to say that the person who made the choice did very well. Instead of the square tiles we all know, I saw rectangular ones in a wonderful pale blue colour.

One of the workers said that in case I wanted the same I should have a look online, as the Toto products are on offer. One can save up to 40%.
I must have looked kind of surprised, as he went on telling me that he and his wife decided to redo their bathrooms too and were quite happy with the ideas he brought home from school.

Wish I had the money right now.


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