Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The meeting

Thanks for your support.

The people who came were friendly.

Their focus didn't seem to be as much our parenting skills as well assessing if the girls have a developmental delay.

School said that one of the girls didn't feel OK with herself and didn't team up with classmates as much as she should.

That's interesting, as we have spoken with the very same person who has said that. And us was told nothing, but that she's a very friendly and social child. That she did well. We only got compliments.

So we think the school's covering their back for not investing as much attention against bullying as they should.

Point is that both girls are twins and have received several exchange transfusions after birth. One of them even had minor surgery and a consequent infection.
They also had a few transfusions with red bloodcells.
We were told then that because of all that they could have hearing deficiencies, developmental delays and learning difficulties.

So even when they can establish a delay then it's not due to our parenting skills. Which are fine, otherwise we would have been under scrutiny earlier. We're nearly celebrating 25 years of parenthood, and have brought 2 boys with an autism spectrum disorder to their own place in society: one as an ITC expert, and one establishing himself as a photographer. Which is going better than anyone expected.

Maybe next week, during the next meeting, they want to make the point that parenting boys with autism is different from parenting girls without autism spectrum disorder.
Parenting girls is so different. Take all the hair ornaments, the way they deal with their room, and all the other things, including the giggling, the long interesting conversations and all the other things that are girly and regular.

I think those who came here already had drawn their conclusions before they rang the doorbell.
During the conversation they stopped me talking as soon as I said something that fitted in their picture. So they missed important information.

Selective perception is hard to fight. I don't know if I can.

But I hope that they'll see things the way they should be seen.


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