Saturday, June 26, 2010

Letters From the Sky

1. Do you believe that we will ever be contacted by beings from another planet?

Yes, why not?

2. Have you or a family member ever traced your family tree?

Yes, I did when I was at school and a couple of years ago someone contaceted me who had done the same.
The guy asked comments on his notes. I gave him the right date of my birth, and the right day of the wedding of my parents, but he said I was making mistakes.
Huh? About my own birthday? Or about the day my parents took the vows? Well, they have the photos with date and the marriage booklet to proof I gave him the right date.

3. Did you ever consider an acting career?

Yes, no problem.
Come and discover me.
I would do well in "As the world turns" as the sister of Lucinda. LOL!

4. What is the funniest situation you’ve witnessed in a religious setting?

Can't think of anything.

5. What's the first movie you remember ever seeing in a theater?

It was either Bambi or Rintintin.

6. What's the most difficult confession you've ever had to make?

The confession to myself that I married the wrong guy.

7. What is a city that you have visited and hated?

I didn't hate any city, but when visiting Paris I didn't like it very much.
Maybe because the company wasn't very interesting.

8. Has anyone in your life been "they one who got away"?

What do you mean?

9. Why do you think the 10 foot duck walked into the bar on Thursday Thunks?

I guess because they didn't understand the questions posed in Thursday Thunks of the week before.

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