Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's The Day

Probably the most important day of the life of my family today.
We were a happy family with challenges of autism and dyslexia, and we want to stay a happy family.

So let's hope those who come to evaluate us have wisdom and insight.

Dealing with a family with such diverse members isn't easy, but I can do it and I'm doing it well.
I've got my education and training, I've got experience of 24 years of motherhood, raised two to live on their own, and even though we have our ups and downs like all families, we're doing great.

All I can hope is that those people are able to see beyond the fact that we're not an average family.
Oh, in some aspects we are.
But autism puts a firm stamp on it.
Not always easy, but it's enriching too.

That some things are different doesn't mean they are not good. On the contrary.

Ofcourse things don't come easy today.

Tidying the last bits takes far too much time, because the children need their attention like any other day, and taking care of my autistic son takes a lot of my time. Changing the way I deal with him will only upset him.

I've hardly slept because I got the cough one of the girls had last week. And now a terrible throatache and a slight fever are standing in the way of feeling OK.
I knew something was coming as I was far too tired the past days, had a slight fever too and was nauseated.

But we moms can't be ill.

I won't cancel the appointment because I don't think it will be appreciated.

All I hope I'm well enough to have my say.

Thanks for your support.


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