Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hidden 100 dollars

For years parties of airtight closing boxes have been number 1 of relaxed shopping-evenings for women and a few occassional men.

When my children were young homeshopping of children's clothes has been an item too.
I remember sitting a whole evening looking at girls clothes when I only had boys. LOL!
All attending women got a pair of pink socks and it was good I'd kept them, as I got the girls to use them. Today, when doing some cleaning and tidying I've thrown them away.

Sometimes I hear women about lingerie-parties. Some parties are even completely dedicated to wedding or plus size lingerie.
The amount of money some women spend is amazing.

I think that wearing nice clothes makes one feel good, but wearing 100 dollars under a T-shirt, makes me think that the psychological impact of knowing there's 100 dollars hidden somewhere is much larger than the esthetic effect. When the T-shirt is in place, I mean.


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