Friday, June 4, 2010


Suddenly I had something in my mouth in the middle of the night.
My crown had come off, including the built up and the pin.

Me oh my, was I happy not to have swallowed it in my sleep.

I mailed the dentist and tried to sleep a bit more until it was time to call them.

Lucky me got an appointment the same morning, but it wouldn't be, the secretary said, with my own dentist.

When I saw the photo I knew that I really had a problem.
Only two very large roots, and hardly any molar left.
Nothing to glue to crown against.

Suddenly my own dentist appeared.
Pure coincidence he was at the practice the moment the photo was ready.

We agreed on what needed to be done.
He'll get the roots out himself in two weeks, but he warned me it won't be easy.

After the wound has healed he'll place an implant.

I need to have this done, because at the other side there's no possibility to chew properly.

Both me and my daughter have some inborn deformation of some molars and/or teeth.
I have some normal molars and teeth, but some molars are the little kid ones. The permanent ones never came.

Ca't say I'm happy with this extra burden.

On top of it most of us are dealing with a nasty cold. I'm one of them.


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