Friday, June 25, 2010

The Continuing Story - activation

It was a good idea to try to activate my autistic son with the help of a social work student.

This week they went to a place where he could go and spend his time during the day.
Not to look, but to have a drink and just get an idea of how it feels there.

To my amazement he liked it there.
Ofcourse we all were lucky they were there at one of the most quiet times of the year.

But we haven't told him that.

His "hour-away-a-week" had two goals: to make him leave the house and see a bit more of the world within his own limits, learning to trust someone else outside the family, and give me a few hours to spend the way I like.

Well, that last part didn't work out.
I've spend the hours cleaning his room and stuff.....


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