Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The minister of health has stopped the individual care budgets because all the money in his budget has been spend already.
That means that applying results in a place on the waitinglist and hoping that the new government won't stop the whole idea of individual care budgets altogether.

In a case like this I look over the border and wish some organisation would go international.

Take for instance Allsup. It's an organisation which assists people to receive the social security disability insurance and medicare benefits they're entitle to.
They know the ins and outs of laws and practices and work fast.
One of the ways to get a process started is not making appointments and handing over loads of files and filling forms until you drop. No. They have an online evaluation.

Ofcourse it's nothing for nothing.
They charge a fee when, and only when the benefits are obtained.
I think that's resonable, as it's always difficult to fight the system. And they're able to get people accepted for benefits after they have been rejected.
So it's well worth a try.

Here I can only hope today's discussions in parliament will bring a change.
Some services are provided, but people can't chose their caregivers.
Not the summervacation is near, that means that people are confronted with untrained students at their bedside.

With the recession we've lost our standards.


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