Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cancer education is a job of parents too

It's quite a while ago that nationwide campaigns addressed the signs of cancer.
Even rare cancers were mentioned, like mesothelioma cancer, which is caused by asbestos.

People are still afraid of cancer, and instead of doing everything to prevent it and seek medical attention when they don't trust their body, they just stick their heads in the sand and act like nothing is the matter.
This giving cancergrowth free reign and making their own fear become a self fulfilling prophecy.

I think educating your children about cancer, prevention and the need to take part in screenings is part of one's job as a parent, as is educating them about the signs and signals, and about the advances science makes in diagnostics and treatment.

Never be afraid to take action when you need to.
There's help available, so use it.
And when they find nothing they won't think you're stupid. Not at all. They'll be just as happy as you are that your signs were only false alarms.


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