Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad article

Some opinionated articles or columns are so stupid, that they hardly deserve readers.

Take for instance the tekst of Malou van Hintum in The Volkskrant of today. (I'm sorry it's dutch, but for those who are able to read it: look here.

She states that 10% of the grown-ups are problem drinkers.
She doesn't tell the reader where she found the percentage or if it's her own idea.
But who cares?

The dangers of too much alcohol are kindly put into nice examples, even including the prime minister who enjoyed his demissionary status and held a glass while wearing an anti drug T-shirt.

And then she jumps right to Benidorm to paint the picture of drunk young people, and ofcourse all parents are suddenly problem drinkers who have caused the binge drinking in these young people.

Well, let's first say it's great she doesn't drink. Not a glass of wine before dinner, or during dinner, no beer (ofcourse not!!) during hot summer evenings, no rum-cola and certainly not these great tasting bonbons with perfect chocolate and a drop of alcohol.
I love people who are perfect, because they're such a perfect mirror to reflect the person I am.

In this case. I'm one of the 90% of those who don't drink too much.
In fact I hardly take a drop.
It's not that I don't like the taste, or can't bear the smell of a good whiskey.
Me oh my, I like to have a long restful evening with a good glass of porto, or a dynamic evening with the bagpipe band, drinking wiskey and tasting first class salmon.
But it happens so seldom, that it's almost 2 years ago I had my last drop.

I'm happy my children don't drink either.

Otherwise the writer of that column would have blamed me for my drinking offspring nevertheless.

Now I can think she wrote those few sentences in a hurry.(Easily earned money)
It's not worth of a person who studied politics, wrote for some good papers and even worked as editor and headeditor of some university papers.

I certainly wouldn't have lowered myself to that level and would have kept that text all to myself.
But maybe that's why the youth are such a bad writers.
People like her set such a bad example in one of the most read papers of the country.



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