Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday I had a good talk with the girls about looks and hygiene.
They were worried a classmate was not taking proper care of himself and we talked about a way to bring this under the attention of the right people, without any judgement.

Then we talked about acne.

I'm not like my mom who told me my acne would disappear as soon as I had my first baby.
It didn't. The only difference was that I didn't take the time to worry about it anymore.

In those years we didn't know much about treatment for adult acne. We kept our faces and body as clean as possible, and I didn't use any cosmetics at all.

The girls now know so much more, and they're able to advice others about proper acne care.
Ofcourse it starts with being as clean as possible, using the right cleaning milk in the evening to remove any make up and daily dirt and then the right cleaning lotion to remove rests of the cleaning milk.
Both girls use something else, as they have different skins and they even adviced me about my face. Giving attention not to recommend anything with harmfyl ingredients and preservatives.

It remembers me of the times that my three nieces were hairdressers and lnew everything about haircare.
They made their profession of their hobbies, but my girls have different ideas about the future.


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