Sunday, May 9, 2010

We didn't go

We had plans to use our traintickets for a day of free travelling yesterday, but we didn't go.

Two of us didn't feel well enough.

I think there's a bug going round, as I was feeling bad for a day last week and one of the boys had the same a few days before I started.

It wasn't a real problem staying at home, as the weather is below what's expected for this time of the year.
Night temperatures are just above zero celcius, so that's not a real motivation to leave early and go to the coast.

Going elsewhere wasn't a real option, as the places we had as an alternative to sea were all overcrowded due to special events. Like the start of the Giro 'd Italia in Amsterdam.
When we heard that more than 150.000 people had gone there to see the bikers leave, we were happy we'd stayed at home.


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