Friday, May 7, 2010


Ofcourse we knew we had traintickets for a complete day travelling by train, but time went by so fast that the last date arrived sooner than we expected.

Last date: sunday.
And as it's mother's day that's not the best day to go away.

So we're planning a day away for tomorrow.
It'll be a cold day, without sun, with moderate wind.

So it's not even remote perfect for a day out.
But leaving the tickets unused and throw them away... naj...

So it'll be wintercoat, and sjawls and the whole lot and off to travel by train diagonal through the country to have a walk near the sea.
Unless the girls want something else.

Just me and them.

The large battery of my photocamera is almost empty and I can't fetch a new one, so we won't even have photos to bring home.

But I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Maybe we'll visit Amsterdam, or another place.
We'll see.


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