Sunday, May 30, 2010

Social media journalism

One of the main papers in The Netherlands has finally appointed a social media journalist.

It's someone who's going to write articles after browsing the world wide web, especially at places like twitter, facebook and hyves.


I wonder how reliable the information will be, how the privacy of people is guarded, and if people will have some financial reward and acknowledgement for delivering news at a plate.

More than once journalists have visited my site and have grasped not only the subject to write about, but sometimes translated whole passages and even complete posts to use to earn money. Ofcourse without any acknowledgement at all.
(Don't think it's acceptable that I take their article and translate it and use it here, because in that case they'll sue me.)

It's no wonder papers won't sell as well as in the past.

I don't need a social media journalist to tell me what's going on at internet.
Filtering my twitter messages is something I can do myself, and I can draw my own conclusions without being dependent upon the frame of mind of the social media journalist.
When I need news I can surf around myself, consult the main newsagencies which might bring disasters a bit later, but far more reliable and with proper sources mentioned.

Maybe I'm a bit oldfashioned when I say I won't go with gossip or with everything that's written.

Anyone at twitter can start "news" by tweeting about a hole in the ground or whatever else. And a group of friends can spread that socalled news fast.

The social media can come in handy to reach someone fast, to network, or to get a snif of what's going in the world.
Needed in my opinion is good old fashioned research to keep news reliable.

Or do you think something else?


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