Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preparing the garden

Yesterday I've been bussy in the garden. And you can see it.

I've downsized a lot of shrubs and bushes, and even recreated the trees.
Some had grown too tall in the frontgarden, where I want everything as high that I can still reach the top.

The gardens in our street are not nice fullgrown gardens, but carefully cut ones. Some even with only stones and a few balls of shrubs.

I like a wilder garden, where plants have space to give themselves their own look, with surprises rising up from the ground. Like the forget-me-nots that I found yesterday. Haven't seen them for two years and suddenly the circumstances are right for them and they show in full glory.

Ofcourse my garden isn't perfect.
I just don't have the time, and the pain in my hip doesn't help.

But in preparation of tuesday I've done what I could before the rain started again.

All I now have to do is clean the door mats and get a cup of coffee to enjoy the sight on the street.


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