Thursday, May 27, 2010

A pink notebook

Back on my way, going home, after an appointment that took far too much time, but was good for the soul, I sat beside someone with a mini notebook.

It was pink and looked wonderful.
The woman using it saw me looking and told me it was a Sony VAIO W121AX/P netbook.
She sang so much praise, that I looked it up at

You can see it yourself too at: Sony VAIO Notebooks.

I love shopping at, because there's plenty of useful information and lots of opportunities for good comparisons with other products.
A small portable notebook has always been my dream, as I want to write a book about autism and inspiration comes at the strangest places.
I learned that I can use the notebook too for my photo work, among other things.

Currently the notebook isn't available. Which is not really a problem, as I don't have the money yet.
But I've used the option to be warned when it's in stock again.

This girl dreams on.


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