Monday, May 24, 2010

Outdoor cushions

This morning I woke up with a splitting headache.
My mistake, as I kept the window open, knowing it's pollen season.
It'll take at least a day to get rid of the headache. Ugghh.

I decided to have breakfast outside now the pollen have me in their grasp.

So I put the gardenchairs in position, cleaned them and then went on looking for the cushions.
I guess the boys used them to take them with them on the nature walks, as they weren't clean at all anymore.
As last year we talked about finding ourselves some new cushions, I think it's time to look around and make a decision.

I've learned that outdoor cushions need to live up to certain requirements. I need to be able to put them away quickly, they need to stay clean as long as possible, don't soak up moist, as we're living in a very moist climate, and above all: be comfortable.

I like the design to fit everything in the garden, so it would be nice to find bench pads in the same fabric.

What do you like?


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