Sunday, May 23, 2010

A new DIY job done

After so many DIY disasters I have to be honest and report a DIY success the father of the children has achieved.

We still have gates before the staircase upstairs.

I like the one before going downstairs because sometimes I have so much laundry in my arms that it's kind of dangerous to go on automatic pilot.
Opening the gate means being conscious about my moves, so I won't fall from the stairs.

The old gate was made from the side of a child's bed, because that was much firmer than the gates one could buy.
It's been functioning for over 20 years, but it finally broke down.

I saw at one of the onlione market sites that a complete bed was available for 10 euro.
With a few euros extra for the ironwork to add it to the wall, we're the proud owners of a good gate.

He didn't drill through the wall, so applause please!!!


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