Monday, May 24, 2010

Nature preservation

Now people have less money available to donate to good causes organisations are looking for other means to interest people ànd reach their goal at the same time.

An eco preservation organisation was shocked to find out that many wildflowers are disappearing and they initiated something new.

They seeded the borders of farmer's acres and offered people the possibility to adopt stretches.
They can pick flowers on their own adopted land, if they want.
But it's questionable if they'll ever pick a flower there as the aim of the project is to keep the variety of flowers as large as possible and offer enough working space for the bees.

The past years bees had a hard time, partly due to the moist and partly because of some unknown bee-disease.

I for myself like the fact that wild flowers are seeded again, because I've always loved the look of red poppies against the other blue and green flowers at the side of fields.


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