Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Because we still had free traintickets and needed to use them today the girls and I created a different mother's day.
We went to Amsterdam, as one of the girls wanted to.

On our way we had to change trains and had to use an elevator to get at a different place at a trainstation.
You won't believe it, but we got stuck.
The doors wouldn't open and all we could was push the alarm.
Some railwaypeople were a few meters from the elevator, but they didn't react at all. Grrr!

Then we found a button for silent alarm and tried that one, which got us in touch with a telephone operator who told us a repairman would come.
We had a short talk with someone who was stuck with us too, talked about invitations the girls received, talked with the other person again, tried the doors again, waited and then finally the guy tried to open the doors again and we could escape!

Amsterdam was no fun because the cleaners were striking and there was dirt all over town.
We visited our favorite shop where I found a beautiful small statue I'll blog about tomorrow, and then went to the train again.

We had a nice time in another town, comparing the old buildings with those in Amsterdam, and just talking.

When we came home we had dinner and the boys who had been away arrived soon after.

It was a strange day, but a nice one.

I gained two plants, a kind of quilt, a very nice buddha statue and a small one, and some little presents.
Lucky me!!


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