Friday, May 28, 2010

It's followfriday

It's followfriday again at Twitter.

That means that the people tweet the names of their followers, so others can find new followers, and maybe mutual friends connect.

It's a nice way of networking, as some people give extra advice in their followfriday tweets, like: "follow this one, because he or she has a good sense of humor" or "follow her because she offers discounts on her jewelry", and all sorts of things.

For me followfriday is also a great way to clean out old followers who have disappeared into thin air.

Some people subscribe to twitter only to find out they're unable to bring their message across in only a few characters. Others are not able to get the response they want.

I for myself love twitter, as it's a nice means to stay in contact with friends all over the world.
I also use twitter to stay informed about alarms here in the neighbourhood.

And I can reach masses of people with tweets about autism.

And you?


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