Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a beautiful spring here today

I woke up shortly this morning to hear the birds sing and have fun, then I dozed off again.

Not long after that the alarm of the girls went off and the day started.

The weather has been beautiful all day. Lots of sun, a firm wind to dry the laundry and shrubs growing visibly.

It's the time people come out of their houses and create a life in their gardens.
They're not used to neighbours being present, so they talk about their daily concerns like they're in the protected environment of their houses.

One of the neighbours was chatting with her mother on the phone about apidexin. That it might not be a miracle cure, but that the ingredients are so interesting that it might really help weightloss.
She sounded very enthousiastic and was taken by her enthousiasm so much that she talked louder and louder until another neighbour asked her if she could order it online too.

The phoning woman took it with humor and soon we all had a good laugh.


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