Thursday, May 27, 2010

Info needed about The Challenge, a method against bullying

One of my daughters is working on a project about bullying.
It's a terrible problem at her school and it has been ignored too long.

I've heard about The Challenge, which is used at American schools and she wants to know all about it, especially from children who have experienced it.

I myself am very interested, because it sounds like a method that could work and can be used here too.

Can anyone of you help us?


I'm very proud of my daughter as she didn't stop fighting for a better school after one of the coordinators stepped in and is researching the disappearance of a wooden item she made at school.
She doesn't fight only for herself, but wants a bully free school.

She has not only mobilized me, but some other grown ups too and even someone from internet was motivated. She was send leaflets and posters to use at school, and some advice.

She's been through a lot.
Because the school didn't do anything, the bullying got far worse than at the intitial stages.
That happens when grown-ups don't take their responsibility.
Her mentors said that:
  • bullying happens everywhere
  • they can't stop bullying
  • the children who are bullied should change themselves.
Especially the last excuse made her angry, because it makes the victim responsible for the ill behaviour of others.

Interesting is that the school never dared to offer her a course for self esteem again, but that she grew stronger in her opinion that it's the responsibility of those who are bullying to stop, and that grown ups should make them stop.

Soom we're starting an email where kids can report bullying, so we can count how often it happens and we can give the school an insight.

We also want to offer a schoolwide project against bullying.
So any ideas are welcome.


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