Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a fan of As The World Turns, 25 years now

I'm a fan of As The World Turns for a long long time now.
It was 1985 when the midwife told me to take an hour each afternoon to put my feet up and give me and my unborn baby a bit of quiet time.

As I was always busy, lying down for a complete hour... 60 minutes!!! ... seemed to be impossible.

"Take a cup of tea, watch As The World Turns, enjoy!!!", she said.
"Give yourself 5 days to get used to the series".

So I did, as I wanted the best for my baby.
No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, and As The World Turns.

It was 1985 and it's 2010.

In autumn I'm watching 25 years, and missed only a few episodes, as they bring it here twice a day. There's always one time convenient to watch.

Last week Lucinda Wash got married in hospital.
That's where we are.

In september they're stopping the series here, much to the regret of many fans, including me.
Wish there was a way to stop them eliminating it from the schdedules.


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