Friday, May 28, 2010

A healthy diet and supplements

Good parenting is not only about keeping your children safe and teaching them how to become good adults, it's also about keeping them healthy.

When my children were young they didn't get any sweets at all, because I was afarid offering sweets might become a bad habit.
Good behaviour should result from good feelings and wanting to be good, not result from wanting a sweet and get your glucose level up.

Ofcourse they didn't miss it in the beginning. They were too small.
But when they became aware of their environment and what other kids were eating they soon made clear they wanted a sweet too.
Well, they could have one when we were visiting.
But at home it was a "no".

They enjoyed vegetables and fruit far too much to miss sweets, and who has tatsed a fresh sweet strawberry beside an artificially flavored strawberry sweet know what's the best choice.

Because some children had allergies I had a dietician look into their eating habits and asked for the best supplements in case they needed any.

Regular healthy feeding habits won't create a need for them, but skipping certain foods might result in deficiencies.

Being aware of the benefits and the harming aspects of our diet is very important.


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