Wednesday, May 5, 2010

freedom day 2010

The Netherlands suffered terribly under the oppression of Germany in WW2.
The effects on the people has been long lasting and will last more generations thatn people expected when they were liberated.

When I was young the war was the main subject when the family was together on sundays.

My family has been in the resistance and my father went to england to join the royal airforce.

Ofcourse the grown ups tried to keep their stories pleasant for little children, but even though they told the best experience, like saving an archive and hiding it from the germans, I could tell they'd experienced terrible fear.

Living in a front town, with the south liberated and the north suffering a long winter of hunger, has been hard on the whole family, young and old.
Not knowing where some family members were, as the young men were hiding and at the same time trying to lead english pilots back to england, has been one of the worst experiences for my gram.

Now we're in a time of increasing rules and governmental interference in family life some people who grew up in a family like mine are very aware of the dangers of people "who know it well for others".

I'm worried about the way many people nowadays interpret the concept of freedom.
They think that freedom means doing what one wants, saying what one wants, without considering the wellbeing of other people.

Freedom can only be true freedom when we can share it, and when people feel safe with other people.

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