Tuesday, May 11, 2010

diabetes and stress

Contrary to the modern beliefs that obesity triggers diabetes, I was confronted with it when I had a weight of 55 to 57 kilo's at the age of 43.

My doctor wouldn't even belief I had all the signs and symtoms!
Thanks to an american friend who gave me a glucose measuring device as a present I could show I had very high glucose levels.

Diet didn't help, as I was already eating healthy and had enough exercise.
So I got pills. Had many side effects and landed on one which isn't the best for my heart, but is good for the diabetes.

I gained a tremendous amount of weight, thus answering to the idea that diabetes and obesity go together. I developed high cholesterol and a few other things, and when I started to take pills against high cholesterol I got terrible muscle aches and dizziness.
I'm tired all the time.

Whenever a minor ailment hits, or something larger like flu, my glucose levels are all over the place.
My body realised much faster than my brains that something is the matter, which might sound nice, but really is a burden.
I often feel like a vacuumcleaner which is pulled, but can't do much as it's fixed to the ground.

Not really how a former balletdancer assumes she feels when she's older.

With a family like mine, there's always some level of stress, and often I used it as motivation to go on and on.
My body can deal with it, otherwise I would have had a heart attack long before.

But the level of stress we're now experiencing isn't good at all.
I've lost a lot of weight and I have to monitor my glucose very carefully, because there's no visible trend at the moment. Not helping is the fact that my activities are not spread over the day anymore. I feel like a free floating battleship on a sea which is prone to different winds and storms.

This morning I woke up very early...hungry.
It's for the first time in two weeks that that feeling hit me. Waking up because of it is ages ago.
I had a slice of a low calory and low sugar kind of gingerbread, which is the only thing my body tolerates in the morning, helped the girls to school and felt so unwell I went to bed again.

My glucose levels are OK, but inside I feel shaky, which means the levels can be up and down very fast.

Long term stress is never good to the body. The stresshormones are influencing many organs.

All I can do is try to act like I do on normal days and hope the body takes over.
A deep breath, good relaxation and spread activities with the regular eating habits.

Hopefully the stress will be resolved soon.


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