Monday, May 17, 2010

death of a schoolfriend

In the airplane crash of last week many Dutch people died, among them members of two families in villages nearby.

One of them was a schoolfriend of the girls.

The school organised a memorial service last friday for classmates and a few pupils of the same level, but forgot the boy had also good friends at other levels.

So the girls felt left out, as did one of their best friends, who knew the boy even better.

This morning they arrived at school and received plenty of time to talk about their loss. Apart from that they got a letter for their parents and they were allowed to visit a silent classroom to sign the remembrance book and find some quiet.

Dealing with death is hard, especially when you're young and when there hasn't been time to say goodbye.

Here at home there's plenty of room to talk about their friend and what happened to him.
Death is a subject we've never hidden from, especially not as I had a lovely daughter who died the second day after her birth and I had a stillborn daughter.
My children have thought and talked about this a lot, and I've always tried to answer their questions is best as possible.

There's one question I can't answer: why?


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