Sunday, May 16, 2010

The chakra test

One of my strange habits is to sit down and become quiet when I'm overflooded with things to do.

I need to fill in forms, hang laundry, clean the bathroom, work more on the girl's room as we're changing wardrobed and places of furniture, do the boysroom, paint a wall, paint the livingroom (Got a smaller thermostat last week, so there's a messy place around the new one), etc etc.

It's far too much for one day, or even a week, and it needs to be done before tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have two appointments, and as I can hardly walk because my hip hurts so much and the second appointment included a long walk, I'm going to cancel that one.

I have learned to accept I can't do everything and that I shouldn't feel stress because of that, but now they're breathing in my neck to declare me a bad mother, I feel I should have done everything yesterday.

Time to get in touch with myself.

And as always I found something fun: a test.

My results:

Your spiritual gift based on the chakra charts is self-awareness.

You also have a strong inner awareness of God or a higher universal force. The Crown Chakra brings us closest to the spirit realms. You will be able - with practice - to enter higher consciousness states. You have active or dormant abilities that most other people do not possess such as increased perception and pre-cognition.

You also have the power to connect with spirits in the astral realm through meditating on the Crown Chakra.

You have a strong connection to the Divine which makes knowledge and truths outside this world accessible. You are able to reach greater spiritual insights and revelations and to share these revelations with others. It is important not to let these insights be wasted. Jot them down - start a project or offer teachings to others to share the knowledge. But be careful not to become attached to the ego. Spiritual knowledge belongs to all. It should be shared with others to spread awareness and not to further personal agendas.

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