Sunday, May 30, 2010

Career planning after raising the children

Not many women nowadays have the opportunity to mother as a full time job.
Some people think mothering is just something to do beside working, in between coming home from work and bedtime of the children.

Mothers of autistic children know that parenting is a real full time job, which asks for continuous reflection on behaviour of themselves and others. Keeping up to date with developments in psychology and psychiatry is a must. As is talking in real life and online with other parents.
There's a lot of knowledge and advice available which can't be found in books or by asking professionals.

Parenting of autistic children never comes to an end. Even when they live somewhere else parents are the keyfigures when extra assistance is needed.

No wonder my fellow autism mothers turn to online education to feed the need for development and "brainwork".

The past years most moms went to medical assisting school.
They could study the theoretical part online at their own time and their own pace, and then subscribe to the training on location.

Caretakers of those with physical problems often turn to online courses like "medical health aid" to get proper training so they won't be burdened physically too much with helping those they care for in and out bed, bath etc., but also to be able to change dressings and provide other medical assistance on a professional level, so they're not dependent upon schedules of professional workers.

Career planning for the time after the children have left the house starts a lot earlier that the moment the last one closes the door.


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