Friday, May 28, 2010

Car insurance

When the children were babies, I loved each day.
Now puberty hormones rage through the house I have moments with a big question, but there are also times I'm having a good laugh.

Like yesterday.

2 of the boys were talking about cars when a third came into the garden and started to talk about cars too.
I don't know who started it, but suddenly they were talking about costs of cars and they all agreed good and cheap car insurance.

"You wonder where my mom has got her brains", the friend said. "She has one of the most expensive insurances, thinking she's well off, but in fact mine is far better.
She's lost her no claim because of a scratch, whereas mine pays for scratches up to a certain amount in a year. My no claim is withdrawn when I cause damage by a traffic mistake and I get a ticket from the police."

They all agreed that the mom needed some sound up to date education and left the garden.

An hour later she called me and told me that they had made her change insurances.

We both agreed that from now we need to be aware that the younger generation won't take over our lives.


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