Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canadian youngsters in The Netherlands

7000 Canadian youngsters between 14 and 17 are accompanying Canadian veterans in The Netherlands during the remembrance services and the freedom day festivities.
Each of them respresents one soldier who died here in Europe during WW2.

Their parents can be very proud of them.

It was so wonderful to see them yesterday in Groesbeek.
They showed so much respect that it was touching.

Just a few minutes ago I saw them marching past on TV in the parade in Wageningen.
OK, they looked tired, but one can't expect something else. They're so far away from home, and have such an intense schedule.

They walked in the parade like they do it every day.
Carrying flags and items they've made.

It's wonderful to see that the special bond we feel here with those who liberated our country doesn't end with the deaths of the veterans, but goes on to the next generation.
It's wonderful to consider that my children will be able to exchange stories with young people who know their families' stories too.

Logo of may 4 and 5 used with permission.


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