Friday, May 28, 2010

Be careful with toddlers and water

Now the season with open air pools in the garden has started again, or is about to start, a warning should be issued about toddlers and water.


Not even when there's just 2 cm's of water in it.

It's enough for a child to drown in.

I'm always amazed how careless some parents are.
Ofcourse nothing bad happens to them... most of the time.
But each year a few children drown in their own back garden and the parents have not only to live with the loss, but also with the guilt that they enabled their own child to drawn.

A long time ago I saved a child at his own home.
A woman invited me in to see her wonderful collection of books. We were in the livingroom discussing reading books. She sat every afternoon for hours in the garden and I was happy to be able to read the paper, even when it was days out of date.

Suddenly I had to think about her 3 year old son.
"Where is he?", I asked, expecting her to tell he was with a friend.
"Oh, upstairs, playing in the bath with his cars."
My stomach turned upside down and I ran upstairs and found him with his face in the water.
I just pulled him out and gave him a firm slap on the back with my flat hand.
Don't ask. Just intuition.
He spitted out water and started breathing.

The mom thanked me and wanted to let me out, but I insisted that he would be seen by a doctor.
She accepted to go to the emergency department.
There they explained to her that people can have a reaction up to two days after the event and that they wanted to keep him there.

She was angry with me.

I bet you understand that I didn't care at all.


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