Friday, May 7, 2010

bathroom ventilation

When we moved into this house, more than 20 years ago, we were confronted with a ventilation system that worked fine, we thought.
But soon we discovered that the system was not a 100%.

It's a symple system. A kind of vertical cilinder through the whole house, with morotized airextraction out of the kitchen, and spontaneous ventilation in the toilet, and bathroom.
We knew the system when we moved in, and knew that the way the cap was installed on the system influenced the extraction of air.
Our neighbours had such problems that we had to contact the owner of the houses (most people in our country rented a house in those days), and he hired a firm to get the cap positioned well.

Yet, they still needed a dehumidifier te keep the bathroom free from too much moist.

Living rented means that cleaning the cilinder is done by the owner, who sends people on the roof every 2 years.

I now want to ask for a filter. I've seen that the past years more dust than ever enters the house and I think that's unhealthy.
I also want them to look a modern ways of dehumidifying the bathroom.


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